Your volunteer role as a member of GGFest is to aid in the overall running of the festival for the enjoyment of attendees, guests and volunteers alike. You are an integral part of how the convention operates and we can’t do this without you. 

Volunteer Levels

Your role/s and responsibilities will be based on the department you request/are assigned to and will vary based on the needs of the department. Each of these responsibilities are subject to change and may require some more experience than others in order for you to be placed in that department, based on the needs of the position/s.  We have several level type to choose from. 

Moderator Level 1

4-8 hours 

Moderator Level 2

9-20 Hours

Moderator Level 3

21-28+ hours 

To be a Moderator:

  • 16 years of age or older (18 and older for Registration Desk)
  • Able to join the Moderator Discord channel 
  • Volunteers may be asked to assist other areas beyond their original sign up time
  • Willing to answer questions from attendees
  • Volunteers are required to follow the same rules as attendees, please make sure you review our Code of Conduct in advance.
  • Volunteers cannot share their volunteer badge with anyone else.
  • Volunteers should treat all volunteers, staff and attendees with respect, courtesy and dignity

We also have a bonus cleanup shift available for all moderator levels.  Sign up for event breakdown on Sunday from 5pm-8pm to received a bonus Amazon gift card.  We only have 8 slots available and you must be available from 5pm-8pm.  You will receive your gift card at the end of the breakdown shift. 

Moderator Shifts

GGFest Hours:
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Saturday Shift Times:
Mornings 9:45am-2pm 
Afternoon 1:30pm-5:30pm
Evening 5pm-8:30pm

Saturday Shift Times:
Mornings  9:45am-2pm 
Afternoon 1:30pm-5pm
Clean up shift 5pm-8pm

Moderator Departments:

Registration staff is responsible for greeting and registering attendees. Each staff member will be scanning tickets, restocking areas, setting up raffles, and handing out badges and programs. You must be 18 or older for this position.

Console staff will be responsible for setting up consoles, hooking up TVs, assisting attendees with problems relating to consoles and TVs, assist in running tournaments, and answering questions from attendees about basic convention programming. Basic knowledge of cables, components and consoles is needed.

Panel  staff will answer questions relating to lines, keep the lines moving, control access to panel room, and make adjustments to serpentine line based on crowd size.  Panel AV will help panelist get set up for panels. Tech knowledge is required. Basic knowledge of cables and components.  Should have the ability to troubleshoot computer issues, projector issues, and sound issues. Will work directly with panelist to get everything set up. 

Open Play Lounge will need to be checked up on to make sure it’s clean. Make sure hand sanitizers are full. Answer attendees questions. 

Vendor staff will walk the vendor hall and arcade area to make sure that vendors are happy and the arcade area is clean.  Staff will assist vendors with problems relating to electricity, theft, and other problems that may arise.


Assist participants in using  and adjusting the VR headset. Keep the area clean and time participants usage of the device. 

Do you want to help but don’t have a preference or want to try out a different area? Selecting this option will help us fill the gaps in areas throughout the festival.