Video Tournaments

Tournaments for GGfest 2022


Smash Bros. Ultimate

MarioKart Deluxe 8

Tournament Prizes

Depending on the amount of tournament participants, we will add a portion of each players ticket cost to the prize pots.  Final prize amount will be announced before the matches begin.

Each tournament will receive a cash prize in the form of a Visa Gift Card as follows:

First prize

All tournaments will
be a minimum of


Second Prize

All tournaments will
be a minimum of


Third prize

All tournaments will
be a minimum of


Register For The Tournaments Today!

Here you can find information on our four different console tournaments that we’ll be hosting over the weekend:

To register for these tournaments, you must first purchase an event ticket. The ticket receipt has the link to the tournament system to register for the weekend tournaments. Tickets can be found on the Good Game Festival website here:

You can join our discord server here:

Saturday, November 5th at 10:00 a.m.

Players must be eligible to play Fortnite according to the game’s standard age rating (12+). Players under 12 will need to provide a signed consent form to our support team.

Player names must be appropriate for public viewing.

A lobby of 18 players will participate in each round. Tournament scoring will be points-based. The top 18 players will proceed to the finals.

No glitches or exploits

Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: (1) total points scored; (2) total Victory Royales in the tournament; (3) number of eliminations in the tournament; (4) average placement between each match; and finally (5) a coin flip.

Players may bring their own keyboard and mouse.

Game rules and format are subject to change.


Saturday, November 5th at 11:00 a.m

The MAGIC GG Fest Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament will be a single-elimination bracket solos tournament.

Player names must be appropriate for public viewing.

Game Settings

Matches will be four races in length. Participants will play in lobbies of four, with the highest-scoring player advancing to the next round. A race ends when all players have completed a race, or time runs out, whichever happens first.

Races will be played in Triforce Cup.

In the event of a tie, the tied players will play rock-paper-scissors again to choose the tiebreaker course within Triforce Cup. 

Game rules and format are subject to change.


Saturday, September 25th at 11:00 a.m

Registration opens: September 1st, 12:00 a.m
Registration closes: September 24th, 11:59 p.m

The MAGIC GG Fest Super Smash Bros Ultimate Singles Tournament will follow the Frostbite 2020 ruleset. Please review this full ruleset for guidelines regarding set procedures, game settings, etc.

Matches will be best-of-3 until the Top 64, which will be best-of-5. Stock and time will be set to 3 stock and 7 minutes.

Starter Stages

Counterpick Stages

Stage Selection Clauses:

  • Winner of the previous game will ban 2 stages
  • Players are not allowed to counterpick to any stage that they previously won on.

Game rules and format are subject to change.

All game results are subject to a final review before a winner is announced. 

Please review our tournament Code of Conduct.