What We Are All About

The Good Game Festival (GGFest) is a new addition to Westminster’s commitment to community.  The Good Game moniker is a concept that promotes good sportsmanship in online and tabletop games.  By saying “Good Game” at the end of a match, you are signaling a well played game and that your opponent put up a good fight. 

The organizers of Good Game want to create a family friendly gaming festival that promotes healthy gaming attitudes, sportsmanship, and education. Online, video, and tabletop gaming can be a great way to connect and engage with others who have the same interests. 

This premiere event will host game industry panel discussions, game workshops, free arcade play, console game tournaments, tabletop game tournaments, vendor village, artist alley, children’s activity area, and so much more.

Our goal is to promote the “Good Game” lifestyle by identifying the triggers of “game rage” and finding acceptable ways of channeling anger, frustration, and anxiety.  By understanding game addiction behavior, we find acceptable ways to change that behavior.  It’s all part of a the “good game” lifestyle.  

GGFest brings competitive gamers, collectors and casual fans together to enjoy the games of the past and present while building friendships and memories for the future.